Australian Marine Complex - Jervoise Bay, WA
Point Murat Pier - Exmouth, WA
WA Water Corporation Digesters - Perth, WA
LNG Storage Tank - Darwin, NT
Roe St Tunnel - Perth, WA

Our consultancy practice has a successful history of achievement in providing design services to client groups for infrastructure projects. We are now involved in a wide range of specialist structures in the infrastructure field.

For cost effectiveness and whole-of-life performance, we incorporate optimisation in the choice of materials, the use of high strength and high performance concrete and specialist applications of prestressing. Our strong, successful history and background in structural and civil engineering, brings particular skills in applying sound engineering principles and judgement to a wide range of infrastructure challenges. We bring our extensive forensic engineering skills to develop practical solutions to complex problems in the infrastructure field.

By taking an active role in the Design and Construction process, we can assist our clients to arrive at innovative, yet cost effective solutions. Our open minded design approach has led to the use of novel construction methods in many of our projects.

A prime objective of our organisation is the production of high quality, cost effective structures, as displayed on these pages. Inherent simplicity and attention to detail are key influences in our design approach. We couple this with an understanding of the benefits of innovation in our engineering solutions. The high standard of skill and technical expertise we bring to our work in the structural and civil engineering fields has received widespread recognition within our profession and the construction industry generally.

Selected Projects

Australian Marine Complex
The Australian Marine Complex at Jervoise Bay, several kilometres south of the Port of Fremantle, is Australia’s largest and most modern fabrication and assembly common user facility, servicing the marine, defence, resource, oil and gas sectors.
Point Murat Pier, Exmouth

Since 1993, BG&E has carried out a number of briefs for the Department of Defence on its Point Murat Pier in Exmouth. This work has included structural condition surveys, assessment of new tender requirements, design of critical repairs and upgrades.

WA Water Corporation Digesters
The Egg Shaped Digesters (ESDs), the first of their type to be constructed in Australia, provide a modern and efficient treatment of sewage sludge at the Woodman Point Waste Water Treatment Plant.
LNG Storage Tank Darwin
The Drawing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project, is located within Darwin Harbour. As the engineering consultants to Thiess TKK, BG&E have undertaken the structural design of the concrete outer containment walls and base slab of this 188,00m3 LNG storage tank.
Roe St Tunnel
The WA Government decided to build a rail link from Perth using the reserve land in the median of the Mitchell Freeway and simultaneously construct the second carriageway of the freeway.