Water Engineering

Our involvement in the water engineering field started with the requirement to satisfy our client needs for bridge and culverts waterways studies. A partnership was established with the Main Roads Waterways section, which has grown to become a close collaboration for hydrology and broad floodplain studies related to transport and civil infrastructure.

Today we have a group of highly skilled engineers and scientists working on all aspects of hydrologic studies, ranging from simple hydraulic modelling of structures to complex, broad flood plain studies integrating aspects of the water cycle and linking to the overall impact on the environment. Our involvement ranges from planning studies through to detailed design, within a multi-disciplinary team. The use of our local expertise and specialised modelling, engineering and geographical information software has allowed us to optimise the Design and Construction processes, leading to cost effective and innovative engineering solutions.

Our capabilities have expanded to include all aspects of the water cycle. Our client base has diversified from local authorities and governments to encompass the private and resources sector. Our services include:

  • Bridge and culverts waterways
  • Large and complex floodplain studies
  • Integrated water planning studies
  • Water quality and water balance assessment
  • Asset management
  • Urban and stormwater drainage (WSUD)
  • Water management strategies
  • Wastewater collection and treatment
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Dams and water resource
  • Gravity and pressure networks

Selected Projects

Fitzroy River 2D Flood Modelling
Flood modelling in support of the upgrade of the Great Northern Highway near Ftizroy Crossing.
Greenough River 2D Flood Modelling
Flood modelling of the Greenough River in support of the upgrade and realignment of Brand Highway south of Geraldton.
Jimblebar Wye Ophthalmia Dam Flood Study
Investigation of potential impacts of various events, including dam break and fuse plug loss to infrastructure in the surrounding area.
Nannup Flood Barrage
Feasibility study into the design and placement of a barrage structure across the Blackwood River to increase minimum summer water level by approximately 1m.