Civil Engineering

Graham Farmer Freeway - Perth, WA
Southern Transport Corridor - Geraldton, WA
Mitchell Freeway Extension - Perth, WA
Great Eastern Highway - WA
Southern Suburbs Railway - Perth, WA

Motorways, Arterial Roads and Highways

We have completed road design assignments and prepared tender documents and specifications for projects ranging from feeder roads to eight lane motorways.

Tunnels and Underground Spaces

The use of tunnels and underground space not only provides direct transport links but also relieves environmental concerns and restrictions on land use.

Drainage Design

Flood studies and the management of surface runoff are of considerable significance in highway engineering, in urban development and in many other development projects.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is an essential part of any transportation project and is necessary to ensure safe and efficient construction.

Contract Management

Effective project implementation relies on expertise in the fields of construction and contract management. Our team's engineers and support personnel are very experienced in these areas.

Selected Projects

Graham Farmer Freeway
Stage 2 of the Graham Farmer Freeway included dual, three lane carriageways that are nearly 4km long. The project included three interchanges and nine bridges, including the 406m long Windan Bridge across the Swan River.
Geraldton Southern Transport Corridor
A Design and Construction contract to provide the railway and highway connection to the Port of Geraldton. BG&E’s involvement included the design of sections of the civil works.
Mitchell Freeway Extension
A Design and Construction contract to extend the Mitchell Freeway, to service Perth’s rapidly growing, northern suburbs. This included connections to interchanges and associated civil works.
Great Eastern Highway
The Great Eastern Highway is the major road connection between Western Australia and the Eastern States of Australia.
Southern Suburbs Railway
BG&E provided structural and civil engineering for this transport infrastructure project. All three sites involved the construction of a railway station within the existing corridor of the Kwinana Freeway.