Karuah Bridge - Karuah, NSW
Yelgun to Chinderah Bypass - NSW
Exmouth Marina Footbridge - Exmouth, WA
Kwinana Freeway Interchanges - Perth, WA
Graham Farmer Freeway - Perth, WA

BG&E has a reputation for excellence in bridge engineering. We apply high technical standards and design innovation to provide cost effective solutions. The quality of our work has been recognised in the many industry awards we have won.

The high standards that BG&E has achieved are a result of the dedication of our team of senior engineers, who have the skill and wide experience to undertake the most challenging and complex bridge projects.

We have designed bridges for road traffic, rail and materials handling in prestressed and reinforced concrete, steel and composite construction. These design skills are complemented by our knowledge of materials technology, through which we have created attractive and durable structures in aggressive environments, such as marine. BG&E's reputation for innovation in bridge design has developed since we introduced incremental launching in Australia in 1984, a method we utilised for four bridges across roads and rail lines along the Tonkin Highway. Conventional thought then was that incremental launching was only for bridges that are at least 200m long. We proved it is a valuable and economical technology for much shorter structures. Since then, we have developed the technique for bridges of all types in complex alignments and profiles, or where difficult circumstances exist, such as over rivers, freeways and operating, electrified rail.

BG&E strongly believes in the construction team's involvement during development of the design. Our best work is where the designers and builders collaborate throughout, from inception of the design to the completion of the works on site. A key focus of our approach to the Design and Construction of bridges is to remain at the forefront of technological development.

Selected Projects

Karuah Bridge
Two major, incrementally launched bridge structures on the new highway alignment. The design solution overcame technical and environmental challenges and was also beneficial in reducing construction time and risk.
Yelgun to Chinderah Bypass

Design of all overpass bridges for a 28km deviation of the Pacific Highway south of Tweed Heads, Northern NSW.

Exmouth Marina Footbridge
As part of a marine development to complement the boat harbour at Exmouth (near the North-West Cape), Landcorp commissioned the design of a landmark footbridge over the main canal. The functional purpose of the footbridge is to provide a pedestrian link between resort and harbour facilities and proposed up-market residential and commercial developments of the main marina precinct.
Kwinana Freeway Interchanges
The project works extended over a length of 25 km, with a structural component that included 6 six bridges on the existing Kwinana Freeway, 2 two interchanges on the freeway extension twin bridges taking the freeway over a local road, an adjacent, grade separated crossing, three rail tunnels and seven underpasses.
Graham Farmer Freeway
The Windan Bridge is 403m long, with nine spans over the Swan River. It comprises two, prestressed concrete box girders on two lines of piers, all architecturally related to the adjacent Goongoongup Railway Bridge.