Marine Structures

Peacock Point Seawall - Balmain, NSW
Swandock - Fremantle, WA
Bulk Cargo Jetty - Kwinana, WA

We have wide experience in the design, verification, construction and assessment of all forms of marine structures. We have a successful history of designing wharves and jetties for heavy industrial uses, including bulk materials handling, cargo, oil and gas. These designs have been undertaken in prestressed and reinforced concrete, timber, steel and composite construction. Many of these structures have been created in severe environmental locations for a wide range of private and government clients.

Our involvement includes design solutions for a wide range of facilities in areas such as:

  • Wharves and jetties
  • Boat pens
  • Seawalls
  • Moorings
  • Fender systems
  • Land based civil works
  • Energy absorbing structures
  • Refurbishments
  • Forensic reporting
  • Temporary works
  • Construction Engineering

Our skills and competencies also allow us to provide a range of post-design services, from construction support and technical advice, through to supervision services, contract and project management. Thus Clients have access to highly skilled and competent maritime engineering services from concept through to project completion.

We are well versed in the use of prefabricated components which we use appropriately and effectively, to facilitate construction over water and achieve cost effective outcomes. We have core strengths in high quality maritime projects, incorporating concrete, steel and timber. Simplicity and attention to detail are key factors in design, coupled with a sound understanding of structural systems, which we consistently apply.